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Monday, January 14, 2008

Gibson Brothers at Jenny Brook

The weather forecast calls for a foot and a half of snow overnight. That means tomorrow will be spent shoveling snow in between playing the guitar. The guitar part I look forward to. I’ll probably sing (some would say screech or wail) some of the old tunes like "Dark Hollow," "Shackles and Chains," and "The Prisoners Song." Mac Wiseman does a great job singing these tunes which is probably the reason I like them. Mac is one of the greats of bluegrass, I think he could have a hit on any tune he sings.
I don’t know why I like so many of the sad tunes. I’m a relatively happy guy. Now who would think that singing a song about a lost love, or a train wreck, or never seeing home again would make you feel good. But it does. Singing bluegrass is like scratching your back, it will not make you healthier, richer or smarter but, as you are probably aware it sure feels good.
Back in the days of the mountain string bands singing was not important, the emphasis was the instrumentation with the fiddle and the banjo especially prominent. When hillbilly and then bluegrass music came on the scene the singing became much more important. And of course today most every jam session has a wealth of singers as well as some very talented pickers.
I don’t know where I’m going with this so let me tell you about the Gibson Brothers new release. It’s scheduled to available on April 8th and it’s titled "Irons and Diamonds". I’ve heard a couple of cuts including the title cut and it leaves you wanting more. The album has seven new songs written by the Gibsons and covers of Roger Miller, Steve Earle, Tom Petty, Julie Miller and Bill Carlisle. This band just gets better and better, the harmony is wonderful and the instrumentation is superb. Junior Barber and Erin Gibson LaClair contribute to this album as well. This is one I’ve got to have.


  1. John - Good piece on the Gibsons and winter. I'm very eager to hear the entire Iron and Diamnons album, soon. Incidentally, I disagree with you about 1946. I think the song itself is so filled with lies it makes me mad, so I've come not to trust Peterson and his music. If you'd like, we can chat about this some more. Keep on writing, and maybe even try to increase the frequency of your posts a little. - Ted

  2. Thanks Ted for the comment and the encouragement. John