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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spinney Brothers

The Spinney Brothers, an award winning band out of Canada, took the stage in Canterbury, CT. and quickly broke into song with high energy, broad smiles and exciting rhythm that instantly grabbed the large audience. They left no doubt this was going to be a great show. The band was impeccably dressed in bright blue shirts and ties with dark grey vests that was reminiscent of the early bluegrass bands that dressed to impress, and impress they did. The vocals by Allan and Rick were rich in tone and phrasing and strongly communicated emotion and the harmony blend was terrific, as good as I've ever heard. The instrumental solos were well done, highlighting the skills of each member and keeping in mind the melody of the piece they were doing. This group showed their confidence with the ease and lightness of their humor and certainly commanded the stage. I believe everyone in the hall went home a fan of this highly entertaining group of professionals who are sure to be a hit wherever they appear. The band members are: Allan Spinney on lead and harmony vocals and lead guitar, Rick Spinney on banjo and lead and harmony vocals, Gary Dalrymple on mandolin and harmony vocals, and Darryl Hebb on bass.

Allan Spinney

Rick Spinney

Gary Dalrymple

Gary and Allan

Darryl kept a steady back-beat for the guys and they spoke of how that is so important for their sound. The bass player is often overlooked but without that steady beat things can get sloppy.

Darryl Hebb

Amy Orlomoski, a popular DJ at WHUS's Bluegrass Cafe was the organizer of this event, she also served as MC. The event raised funds for the benefit of the Canterbury Historical Society.

Amy Orlomoski