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Monday, February 25, 2008

Spirit Fiddle

Robin Warren's face breaks into a smile the minute she begins playing, that's how the music affects her. As she plays she looks into the faces of the admiring fans and returns their smiles. She connects immediately with her audience. She plays brilliantly, each note sharp and crisp, it's apparent that she's done this before. In fact she has performed more than 700 concerts in the ten or more years since forming Spirit Fiddle. This night she is playing Canadian and Irish jigs and waltzes. Listening to this lively music one can picture a barndance on a saturday night somewhere on Cape Breton, NS where champion fiddlers are born and nurtured. Robin would fit right in there, she has won numerous awards for her fiddling (three time winner of "Fiddler of the Festival" title) at the Fiddler's Grove in North Carolina. Robin is accompanied by the masterful playing of Brian Clancey on rhythm guitar. Tonight they're happily entertaining a full house at a Grange in Killingly, CT., the audience is obviously enjoying every minute of it. Robin and Brian work well together, often trading barbs with each other to the delight of the audience. Their playing is flawless, and the tunes are at times happy and energetic and then somber and melancholy as in their version of the "Ashokan Farewell", the theme tune from Robert Burns Civil War film seen on many PBS stations. They will be invited to return I'm sure. To visit Spirit Fiddle's site click here

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