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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bluegrass at Bull Run

The Gibson Brothers

Paul Revere may have stopped here on his midnite ride to warn the colonists of the impending attack by the British Army, or he may not have. Lots of legends surround this pre-revolutionary Inn located in Shirley, Mass. But a few things I'm sure of, the food is good, the ambience is wonderful and the Gibson Brothers will have their CD release party there. The name of the place is the "Bull Run Restaurant," the name of the album is "Iron and Diamonds," and the reviews of the album are sensational.

Leigh and Eric have written 7 new songs for this project. I've heard two of the cuts, the title cut, Iron and Diamonds, and Pickers Blues, both are solid enjoyable pieces, well done as usual. I'm eager to hear the entire album and am hoping they sing and play most if not all the cuts that night, which by the way is April 4th, friday evening.

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