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Monday, June 30, 2008

Dan Tyminski at Jenny Brook

The DTB performed before a loving crowd in Dan's home state of Vermont this weekend and they were even better than anticipated. He was totally at ease before these folks and as he said himself he had probably jammed with half of them many times on his way to the top. The audience was loving it and they showed it with rounds of ear splitting applause. Adam Steffey, Justin Moses and Ron Stewart provided stunning solo's with Barry Bales providing perfect rhythmn to the mix. Dan Tyminski
Adam Steffey
Barry Bales
Ron Stewart
Justin Moses


  1. John - It was really great to meet you and your wife and get a chance to chat. Your pics of the Tyminski band are terrific! Keep up the good blogging. See you down the road. - Ted

  2. Ted, thanks for the kind words,I consider your blog to be the benchmark of bluegrass blogs and blogs in general for that matter.

  3. John

    Some great pictures of some great bluegrass bands. Love the blog.