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Monday, October 13, 2008

Bear Minimum and Gibson Brothers

October 12 was a perfect day for a ride in the country, shirtsleeve temperatures,clear blue sky and magnificent fall colors and then top it off with wonderful bluegrass music. The Canterbury, CT. Historical Society must be doing something right, two of its major fundraising events have had picture perfect weather and the people turned out in great numbers. That was the case Sunday for the Bear Minimum Band and Gibson Brothers concert.
The "Bear Minimum" band opened the afternoon of music with their blend of early country and traditional bluegrass. Dave Shaw, a member of the "Bear Bridge Band" has teamed up with Dave Orlomoski, who is a member of both the "Bristol Boys" and the "Bear Bridge" band to form the "Brother Style" duet offering up tight harmonies and fine picking. Their music was that of the Louvin Brothers, Hank Snow, Jimmy Rogers and others of that era. The band was well received, indeed, they got an ovation just for walking down the aisle to the stage and a request for an encore.

Dave Orlomoski and Dave Shaw

The Gibson Brothers took the stage next and thrilled the sold out house with tunes from their Number 1 album "Iron And Diamonds". Tunes like "Pickers Blues," "Cabin Down Below" and the title cut "Iron And Diamonds," all three are on the Bluegrass Unlimited "Top 30 Songs" list. The band was at the top of their game with every tune performed with passion and urgency to a wildly appreciative audience. Both Eric and Leigh have the talent and skill to be able to get inside a song and deliver its message with emotion and feeling. Add to that a band that can deliver aggressive rhythm and thrilling solos and you've got yourself an afternoon of music you can rave about for hours. The DJ at WHUS, 91.7 said his phone was ringing nonstop with people who wanted to let him know about the fabulous show they had just seen.
Thanks to Amy Orlomoski and the Canterbury, CT Historical Society for such a well run event.

Eric and Leigh Gibson

As you can see, Leigh Gibson's recent hair transplant surgery was a huge success.

Eric Gibson

Mike Barber

Mike, as always was excellent at providing the steady bluegrass beat and some splendid solo work

Rick Hayes

Rick rendered flawless solos, uncluttered, clean and delivered with the melody in mind

Clayton Campbell

Clayton was on fire, up on his toes and feeling every note played.
Its now obvious, the curls are gone, Yep, it was a wig.

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