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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The Killingly Grange Concert Series offered its second show of the season featuring the 2007, Thomas Point Beach Festival, Band Showcase winner, "Crossover," a band out of southern CT. The band offers a country flavored style of bluegrass that's quite enjoyable to hear. Lead guitarist and harmony vocalist Warren Charrette contributed some exciting breaks on his sweet sounding 1959 Martin D-18 to songs such as "Dark Hollow," "Erase the Miles," and others. Andre Tardif plays banjo and guitar and sings lead along with Dan Dube who provides much of the lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Kyle Neilson the mandolinist keeps the band loose with his humerous banter and joke telling and jumps in with the lead on occasion. The steady beat of the bass comes from Larry Harvey. They are an easy going laid back bunch of veteran musicians who believe in having at least as much fun as the audience, and I can tell you the audience loved them, although the Grange Hall is small the audience made it sound like an auditorium with the loud response to the good music. I know this group would have gone on all night and the audience would have stayed if only the venue would have allowed it. To check Crossover's schedule click here

Andre Tardif

The Crossover Band

Warren Charrette

Dan Dube and Kyle Neilson

Larry Harvey

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