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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jay Armsworthy and Eastern Tradition

Jay Armsworthy

After a long cold ride it felt good to get inside the Congregational Church of South Hadley Falls, Mass., home of the CountryCornerCoffeehouse I saw a lot of familiar faces as I entered and bought a ticket. I was greeted by Dave and Rose Helman and made to feel welcome. Dave was hoping for a good turnout and by show time it looked like he got it. Jay and his band, Eastern Tradition , took the stage right on time and Jay began charming the audience with his self-deprecating humor and somewhat corny jokes. They picked and sang lots of traditional bluegrass and gospel. The lead vocals were shared by Jay and Lisa K. Howard and harmony was provided by all. I found the set very enjoyable and I particularly enjoyed Mike Munford's banjo playing, meticulous and lively. Tom Gray, of course, was wonderful on bass and Jay and Lisa did a fine job singing and playing, Jay on guitar and Lisa on mandolin. Lisa has a country voice that is sweet and Jay's vocals are smooth and confident. The band was generous with their time, performing for two and a half hours and the audience just loved it. I want to Thank Dave and Rose for what they do for bluegrass in the northeast.

Tom Gray

Ken Taylor,Bob Dick,and Tom

Members of the Blackstone Valley Bluegrass Band, Ken Taylor and Bob Dick visit with Tom

Mike Munford

Lisa Kay Howard

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  1. cool article. i'm totally clueless about blogs, and blogspots, and the like, but I do know Jay....and he's corny on and off stage--that's who he is...he's a sweetheart, a truly decent individual who loves traditional bluegrass--he's like everyone's favorite kid brother. and he's not a bad musician either...he and michelle are good friends of mine, so what can I say? I'm blessed to know them and to be able to enjoy their music...
    enjoyed this blogspot, too, whatever it is....

    carol davis