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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bits and Pieces

It always annoys me to see folks I consider to be occasional bluegrassers nominated for awards in the Bluegrass field. Why aren't the hard working legitimate Bluegrass people nominated, the bands that work week in and week out traveling the country and playing dozens of dates. There are exceptions, Rhonda Vincent seems to be a contender quite often as well as Ricky and Del but so many really good people are overlooked. These performers have developed solid entertainment routines over the course of time through dedication and hard work and they've proven to be a good drawer for the festival producer and yet they are never nominated to the Grammy's.
I'm not questioning the skill of these sometime Bluegrass acts, they are very talented people, what I'm saying is they are not paying their dues in the Bluegrass genre and shouldn't be considered for awards in Bluegrass.

Master guitarist Jim Hurst is leaving the Claire Lynch Band to hit the road as a solo act. He just decided that after 15 years it felt like a change was right. Claire said she loves him and wishes him well and will certainly miss him.

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