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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Joe Val in Four Days

The Gibson Brothers said they just can't wait for the Joe Val Festival to begin, me too. And it's just four days away, Yeah. I get a kick out of watching fans arrive, loaded down with instruments, carrying mini- refrigerators, hot plates, lots of food, it’s like an indoor campground. And then the "pickin" begins minutes after the folks arrive, every nook and cranny’s filled with music. For some it’s family reunion time, old friends renew that bond ,that camaraderie that the love of Bluegrass brings about. At the same time volunteers are busily setting up lighting, sound, staging, chairs and all the other chores that must get done. Stan Zdonick and Gerry Katz can be seen hustling back and forth almost at a run tending to the business that needs to be finished to keep the Festival running smoothly. It’s a very busy and exciting little camp for three days that seem to end to soon.

Leigh and Eric Gibson

Here's pics of just a few groups performing, for a complete list go tothe BBU website

Greg Cahill

Josh Williams

Dan Paisley

Michael Cleveland

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