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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Killingly Grange Winter Concerts

Mike Boulay

Mike Boulay and the Hope Valley Volunteers made some new fans Saturday night at the Killingly CT. Grange hall. This group lit the place up with their revved up pickin and fine vocals and smooth harmonies. This is a confident bunch of pickers who know how to please an audience. They run an entertaining and fun set poking fun at themselves with anecdotes about their playing and their history as a band. Mike Fischman quipped "the band used to be called, "Mike Boulay and Friends," but when Mike ran out of friends he had to call in "Volunteers." The comedy did not get in the way of the music, however, they were dead serious about the way they present their music, and it was good, mostly traditional with a boogie tune now and then. Band members are: Mike Boulay on guitar, lead and harmony vocals, Joe Giard on mandolin, lead and harmony vocals, Mike Fischman on banjo and harmony vocals, and Rory McLeod on bass. This is a band that you need to see. They perform at the "Wood River Inn" on Rt.138 in Richmond R.I. on the 3rd. Sunday of the month

Mike Boulay and the Hope Valley Volunteers

Mike Boulay

Joe Giard and Mike Boulay

Rory McLeod

Mike Fischman plays banjo, guitar, mandolin, and probably more, you may know him as the DJ at WRIU radio's "Bluegrass Breakdown," from the campus of the University of Rhode Island.

Mike Fischman

The host band of this series is "Nick Anderson and Shady Creek," Nick does the heavy work of finding good bands to fill out the bill of his winter series. He and his band always put on a good show at the Grange and he's developed a loyal following. Nick usually sticks to bands that fall under the "traditional" umbrella and that seems to be what his audience wants. The band members are: Monty McLanahan on mandolin and lead and harmony vocals, William Trickett on banjo, dobro, and harmony vocals, Elise LaFlamme on fiddle and harmony vocals, and Mark Doyle on bass and harmony vocals.

The Shady Creek Band

Nick Anderson

William Trickett

Monty McLanahan

Elise LaFlamme

Mark Doyle

To close out the evening, the two bands joined forces for a half dozen songs and tunes. It was high energy and a perfect ending to a terrific show.

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