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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sierra Hull and Steep Canyon Rangers at Joe Val

As expected, Sierra Hull's set was dynamic, she sang cuts from her hit album "Daybreak" with feeling and sincerity making one believe the lyrics were about her own experiences, and in fact she did write seven of the songs on that album. Her mandolin picking was sensational especially on the tune she wrote named "Bombshell," which she picked with such speed and clarity it had people shaking their heads in disbelief. She was joined by some excellent pickers as well. Jake Stargel on guitar, Zach Gilmer on banjo and guitar, Jacob Eller on bass, and Christian Ward on fiddle.

Sierra Hull

Jake Stargel

Jacob Eller

Zach Gilmer

Christian Ward

When I first saw the Steep Canyon Rangers live about three years ago I was very impressed with them, I thought they were certainly first class and had a bright future in bluegrass. Everything about them, their command of the instruments, the vocals, the tight harmony, their appearance, it all said success. When they paired up with comedian, actor, and musician Steve Martin they really climbed to new heights. That pairing has brought bluegrass music to thousands of folks who might never have known what bluegrass is or how infectious it can be. Their performance was very tight and smooth and the harmonies were as good as it gets.

Woody Platt

Mike Guggino

Nicky Sanders

Charles Humphrey

Graham Sharp

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