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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas at GrassRoots

It's always nice to listen to masterful musicians in performance, I can't think of a better way to spend an evening. So it was with great expectation that we drove an hour to see a Christmas show in Northbridge, Mass., the first of six shows in three states, this one at the Northbridge Congregational Church. The evenings lineup was full of talent: The Blackstone Valley Bluegrass Band, Amy Gallatin with Roger Williams and guest vocalists, Karen Wilber and Krissie Dick along with acclaimed songwriter Rick Lang. The talent loaded lineup brought in a full house and we were fortunate to find seats. The set list for the night was loaded with Rick Lang originals as well as traditional and contemporary Christmas songs from long ago and more recent covers. The music was excellent as expected given the talent on stage and the presentation included lots of humor from folks who are really comfortable in front of an audience, lots of easy banter and humorus teasing which drew laughter many times throughout the performance. Karen Wilber and Rick Lange sang several of Rick's compositions from the album "Season of My Heart," and the BVBG guys offered traditional and contempory material. Amy and Roger along with Krissie Dick filled out the set with their fine vocals of classic songs and some novelty tunes like "Santa Baby." The instrumentation of the evening was great, and the whole evening was well paced and great fun. The series continues at locations noted on the Blackstone Valley Bluegrass website

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